Still Life 'Hopes, Desires and Satisfactions' Trailer - Henrietta L. Moore


How adequate are our theories of globalization for analysing the worlds we share with others? In this provocative new book, Henrietta L. Moore asks us to step back and re-examine in a fresh way the interconnections normally labelled 'globalization'.

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Pillow fight - Some rights reserved by Attila Hajdu

Puzzle complete - Some rights reserved by Sara Björk

Starting blocks - Some rights reserved by Tableatny

Hand-up -- Some rights reserved by Sophie Isogai

Feet in the sand - Some rights reserved by Silvia Song

Francis Bacon close up purple - Estate of Francis Bacon

Mural with lion and Muslim prophet -- photo by Mary Nooter Roberts and Allen F Roberts, 1999

Francis Bacon purple on throne - Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums Collections © The Estate of Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon Pope screaming - Des Moines Art Center, Des Moines, Iowa, © The Estate of Francis Bacon

School signs and murals -- Henrietta L. Moore

Francis Bacon red Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion -- collection of Tate Britain, copyright Tate Britain and The Estate of Francis Bacon

Wedding photo with roses -- Connie Smith

Rosi Braidotti -- Rosi Braidotti

Barack Obama the audacity of hope -- Some rights reserved by Crown/Three Rivers Press

Obush (Obama Bush) - © New Statesman 1913 -- 2010

Abida Parveen - © Catherine De Clippel

Michel Foucault en plein débat - © DR

Spoonbridge with cherry - © Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen

Human and Avatar, Harisu - © Robbie Cooper / Chris Boot

Human and Avatar, Jason Rowe, Rurouni Kenshin - © Robbie Cooper / Chris Boot

Human and Avatar, Philip Rosedale, Philip Linden - © Robbie Cooper / Chris Boot

A bit like Marmite on the corner of Offord Road and Liverpool Road, Barnsbury - © Bambi

Blastoise Pokemon - © Satoshi Tajiri

Squirtle Pokemon - © Satoshi Tajiri

Wartortle Pokemon - © Satoshi Tajiri

'The trend in tough economic times is to put off everything that doesn't require immediate action - as this chart shows.' - © Baldwin, Mike

Eric Wainaina, VUMA KENYA BENEFIT CONCERT - 2nd FEB 2008 - © Karimi on PicasaTM Album Web

Picasso's Demoiselles d'Avignon: 'An overturning of civilised lies' Photo - © AP

Real Inushaya and Kagome -- ©

Real Lum -- Some rights reserved by heath_bar

Shaggy - © UMUSIC.CA

Lum - © Urusei Yatsura

Inuyasha - © Rumiko Takahashi

Unbwogable - ℗ 2002 Gidi Gidi Maji Maji

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Picasso with mask. Head of a Woman. 1907. Copyright Barnes Foundation, Lincoln University, Merion, PA, USA

Judith Butler: Butler during a lecture at the University of Hamburg. April 2007.

Deleuze: image via

Nikki Mawanda (girl in baseball cap seated cross legged): image copyright Marc Hofer for The New York Times

Picasso red blue green: Pablo Picasso, The Crucifixion, 1930, Oil on plywood, 51.5 x 66.5 cm, Musée Picasso, Paris. Giraudon/Bridgeman Art Library. © Succession Picasso/DACS 2007

Malanggan -- Image via

Ken Razy - © Image Courtesy Of Jomino Records

Libya Hopeless - Photo by Jonathan Ernst, Reuters

Barack Obama Graffiti - Photo credit to EricaJoy

Tom Boellstorff in second life -- Credits to Tom Boellstroff

Wagner, Richard - Tristan Und Isolde -- Einleitung - © Forsyths Est. 1857

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