GTA 5 Instant Billlionaire Stock Market Glitch with Lifeinvader on Grand Theft Auto V PS4


Michael always was a snake... Not surprised he and Franklin were cheating the stock market. Gangsters? More like Banksters...

(Instructions below:)


Rockstar FIXED (read: REMOVED) this glitch in PS4/XB1 version 1.06 or 1.07 of GTA V. For this to work, you MUST be using an earlier version of the game. So, basically this means that your version of the game must come in an early (e.g. release) version of the game and then you boot-up the game Offline so that it doesn't auto-update.

This is somewhat annoying but you're not missing much since Rockstar basically ignored SP mode with its patches anyhow (no Weed Farm respawning, anyone? lol) so the release version and current version of the game are really not that different except for just a few non-essential items.

This is only a PS4/XB1 glitch. It was part of the release version of those 2 versions, and did not exist on the PS3/X360 and was patched by the time the PC version release.


1. progress the story to at least after Lifeinvader mission* and open LCN stocks
2. sort by % change
3. invest in worst negative % return (should be Lifeinvader but sometimes it works on other stocks)
4. instantly** sell (ignore the % return, even if it says you lost money, made money, or still says 0, it's wrong)
5. ????
6. profit

*this video and all my attempts are done after Dead Man Walking but I've heard that it works earlier right after Heist 1 (on Trevor) or immediately after the Lifeinvader mission soon as the stock crashes. But if the glitch is NOT working for you, try to progress the mission story farther.
**switching characters may help but isn't always required.

-make sure you're on PS4 or Xbox One
-make sure your patch version is 1.05 or older (Rockstar fixed/removed this bug a few months after GTA V current-gen released)
-make sure you're using Lifeinvader after it has crashed
-- try progress the story past Fame or Shame so that Lifeinvader is 'crashed' but also now 'randomly recovering/fluctuating'
--- the glitch doesn't always work if a stock is 'stuck crashing' ... it needs to be crashed to a very low negative return of probably over -70% but still be able to change (e.g. when you reload a save over and over and over, each time Lifeinvader will be a different 'crashed' value)

I apologize that the video is overly long and confusing. This was not meant as a tutorial video and I did not expect anyone other than a few people at GTAForums or NeoGAF to see it.

The video is the 1st time I discovered the bug. I was one of the first people to discover it and we honestly didn't understand the bug yet. If you check the upload date of the video, it's barely even 2 days after the game released. It's the 1st video on Youtube showing the glitch occur...

I actually encountered the bug on the very first day but I didn't realize what was happening yet because the numbers were too small. A few of us on GTAForums and NeoGAF all started to encounter an 'oddity' with very negative 'crashed' stocks and returns but no one understood yet -- it was just an unnatural gameplay occurrence to put so much money into a crashed stock with the expectation it would increase so much. Further, when you sell the stock, the numbers are glitched... it says you lost money. The only reason I happened to stumble on it was because I specifically began to experiment because I could see something was clearly glitched the numbers. About a couple hours before this video, while I was experimenting, I suddenly had like 7 million dollars on Franklin so my WTF reaction was that something was obviously glitched.

This video is the very first time I re-produced it. So, I quickly PS Shared it with some friends on a couple message boards. I didn't expect more than a few friends to see it.

So, I apologize if it's unclear and I'm sorry if it's confusing or useless enough to anyone that they feel the need to Dislike the video. I didn't upload it to waste peoples time. My intention was just, 'Hey, I think I just found a stock market glitch, pretty sure I can reproduce it... check it out." Since then obviously the glitch was understood a bit better.

Also, there are a few newer videos made by other people and those are really helpful tutorials. I think one of the other top search results is very clear and better presented so if my video is too confusing, I recommend some of the others.

Mine isn't really the same thing because this video isn't a tutorial -- it's almost like raw footage of the first time that the glitch was reproduced and uploaded to Youtube.

Thanks for all the views and I'm always happy to try help with the glitch if you have any questions. I'm online a lot so I usually reply pretty fast.


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