Bollywood Divas Who Have Been MARRIED More Than Once


Love can strike at any time and these divas have married more than once for the sake of their heart.

Kirron Kher

Kirron Kher was first married to Gautam Berry who was businessman and actor. They had a son Sikandar. But their marriage hit rock bottom and they divorced. Anupam Kher first marriage too didn’t work out and he too got divorced. Kirron Kher in an interview said Anupam Kher is most romantic guy! Well initially they were just friends from old school and doing plays together when cupid struck between two and Anupam proposed Kirron. They have been happily married from last 28 years.

Yogita Bali

Yogita Bali married Kishore Kumar. She was third wife of Kishore. Soon after marriage trouble started brewing and she found Mithoon Chakraborty and got love struck.

It was during the film Khwab that duo fell in love. The disco dancer star was married to Helena Luke for short time but then it was Yogita Bali who got heart of Mithoon and they married in 1979.
Bindiya Goswami

Bindiya Eloped to marriage both the time. First she eloped with Vinod Mehra who was already a married man. It was scandalous affair. But this marriage was short lived as Bindiya the Golmaal actress fell for director JP Dutta. Again she eloped and married JP Dutta. She refused to go back to Vinod and their marriage for dissolved. Today JP Dutta and Bindiya have two daughters Nidhi and Siddhi.

Neelam Kothari

Next we have is Neelam Kothari who first married Rishi Sethia, rich businessman’s son from UK. Family had objections for the marriage but they married and soon hit the rough phase to part ways. Ekta Kapoor introduced Neelam to Samir Soni. Sameer had just been out of broken marriage with Rajlakshmi Khanvilkar. Samir and Neelam fell for each other after few meetings but waited two years to get hitched to ensure they were comfortable with each other. They have adopted daughter Ahana.

Neelima Azeem is an exception cause she married not twice but thrice. Neelima married first with actor Pankaj Kapoor and they had son Shahid Kapoor. They separated when Shahid was 3.
Next Neelima met Rajesh Khattar, she loved, married, and had son too. Then relationship couldn’t stand test of time. Third time she is said to be lucky as she found true love in Ustaad Raza Ali Khan who is her childhood friend.

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