BEST Camera For Instagram 2017!


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โœ…โœ… Top 10 BEST Cameras For Instagram:
โœ…โœ… Panasonic GM1:
โœ…โœ… Canon SL2 (New!):
โœ…โœ… Canon T6:
โœ…โœ… Canon T3i:
โœ…โœ… Canon T6i:
โœ…โœ… Panasonic G7:
โœ…โœ… Canon T6s:
โœ…โœ… Nikon D3400:
โœ…โœ… Nikon D5600:
โœ…โœ… Canon 70D:
โœ…โœ… Canon 77D:
โœ…โœ… Canon 80D:
โœ…โœ… Sony A6300:
โœ…โœ… Panasonic G85:
โœ…โœ… Panasonic GH5:
โœ…โœ… Yongnuo 35mm f2:
โœ…โœ… Yongnuo 50mm 1.8:

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These are the best cameras for instagram so you can get a better idea on which one will be best camera for instagram for you.

So letโ€™s take a look at today's question. So todayโ€™s question asks โ€œHey Chris, Iโ€™m a blogger and am looking for a camera to take some better shots for my instagram profile. Iโ€™m on a bit of a budget though, any ideas?

Well absolutely. I think that instagram's a fantastic platform to share your message and some of the photos share on there are brillaint. So obvioulsy most photos shared on instagram are taken with your smart phone and they can actually produce some nice results. But a lot of professional bloggers will actually use such as DSLRโ€™s and mirrorless cameras to really get that quality.

But they donโ€™t have to be too expensive. For example one camera thatt I'd recommend for instagram photos to step up your game is the Canon T6. This camera came out about 6 months ago and it can really get some great quality. If you pair that up with a lens like this 50mm f1.8, you'll be able to get that shallow depth of field or blurry background effect. By the way let me know in the comments section below, which camera is the best for instagram and why? and Iโ€™ll take a look at your comment.

Another good budget DSLR that would work for instagram is the Nikon D3400. Itโ€™s pretty similar to the Canon T6 and again if you pair it up with a nice prime lens, you can get some great shots for instagram photos. A lens that I like thatโ€™s a little bit wider but still can give you that shallow depth of field for instagram photos is this young 35mm f2. Itโ€™s actually pretty cheap too and is a nice prime lens for indoor shots.

A camera that I use for a lot of my instagram shots is this one right here, the Panasonic GM1. Itโ€™s the worlds smallest interchangable lens camera, which means itโ€™s tiny but can also get you brilliant photos. Iโ€™d highly recommend you pair it up with this lens here, the 20mm 1.7 from Panasonic. This is a prime lens with a really wide aperture, whcih means you can get wide angle shots, but still get some lovely bokeh for instagram photos. Another instagrammer who uses this combo is a guy called Ultralinx.

Take a look at his page if you wanna see how the shots look, theyโ€™re pretty sweet. I also know a lot of instagrammers use smaller cameras like goproโ€™s. Having the wide angle of the go pro can really give you some sweet perspectives and angles so it could be something you could look at to change up your shots every now and then for instagram photos.

This camera here, the Gopro hero 5 has a mode called linear mode which is sweet because it gets rid of the fish eye effect, and to me it make your photos look better and more natural for instagram photos. So they some of the options that I'd recommend for stepping up your instagram photos.

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