How to get toned arms: bicep & tricep workout for women


Arms is an area I love to focus on weekly in the gym. There is no better look to me than defined arms, back and shoulder for a woman. In this quick video clip I will show you a few of my favorite basic exercises to target your biceps and triceps. These help to sculpt the arms which is great as you prepare for summer or many brides like to workout their arms leading up to the big day. Enjoy!

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Workout for arms:
cable rope bicep curls
cable tricep push downs
close grip smith machine press
classic bicep curls
overhead tricep presses
ez curl bar skull crushers
ez curl bar overhead tricep extensions
ez curl bar bicep curls
assisted pull up machine tricep dips

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Before I head to the gym I take 1.5 scoops of C4 Ripped and then during my cardio or training I am constantly drinking a 20 ounce shaker bottle of water with 1.5 scoops of a BCAA powder. This helps with muscle recovery, repair and to keep me fueled and hydrated during intense workouts. If you are battling muscle soreness I highly suggest adding a BCAA to your water and sipping on that during workouts and anytime during the day. Also for night time recovery I take 2 capsules ofTrue Athlete ZMA with theanine which also helps me to get a restful nights sleep – which is a crucial part of your training recovery too.

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